Guest blogging
As the name suggests, it is the process of submitting valuable content to a relevant blog and asking them for a backlink to our own site in return. This is the most popular way of building backlinks from the beginning. However, the popularity has been low since the update of Google restricting paid guest contributions. The content sharing with a link in exchange is not restricted until our only aim is to build traffic.

How to find guest blogging opportunities?
There are hundreds of blogs who offer guest posting opportunities out there. We can find such blogs through Google search with certain strings as follows.
Let us take an example of finding SEO Gold Coast blogs accepting guest posts. We can search as,
“SEO” + “write for us”
“SEO Gold Coast” + “contribute us”
“SEO blogs” + “submit your article”
“SEO” + “Submit guest post”
“Digital Marketing” + “guest blogging guidelines”
“SEO sites accepting guest posts”
“Top SEO blogs to write for”

These search queries will bring a lot of blogs to choose from and to approach. Approaching a blogger about a guest posting opportunity is known as Blogger outreach.
Things to consider during outreach & guest blogging
Great Pitch – the pitch should be able to communicate the value you can provide and be able to convince a blogger to offer you the opportunity
Explaining the benefits the blogger can get – you need to highlight to the blogger about the advantages of publishing your content
Meeting the content guidelines of the blog – your article should be of the requested word count, style and format
Being polite and friendly – obviously, you should be polite during the approach, they will be doing you a favour so treat it as such
Building relationships – the goal of guest blogging should be to develop a long term relationship with the bloggers you work with, instead of just to build links.