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First and foremost, the guide is very helpful in guiding players through the entire experience of the game; it explains in simple but precise terms about how to obtain gangsters and how to acquire the necessary items in order to upgrade them. For example, it explains which color of gold coins to get and how to collect them. There are many other things which this guide explains as well. For instance, it explains about how to buy, collect and trade them. It is also very useful in helping users to earn cash quickly and easily through grinding mobiles. The list goes on, with all the useful information being provided to players at every step.
The game itself is very enjoyable, with its exciting storyline, thrilling rides, crazy characters and great game play. However, after finishing the game, players are left with the task of learning the necessary skills needed for succeeding in the game world. It is important to learn how to play the game as efficiently as possible. This is especially so if the game involves a lot of grinding mobiles. In such cases, the player needs to be equipped with a detailed knowledge about the game, so as to avoid any complications. The above mentioned guide makes it easy for players to succeed in the game and earn money easily. This is why many people prefer to use it over other gaming guides available in the market.